One of the key challenges facing organizations today is to create business capabilities that meet and exceed the emerging requirements within the market. Understanding the future basis of competition and customer requirements creates the need and opportunity to re-invent business processes to manage risk, increase revenues and control costs. We pair local market knowledge with our expertise to help companies around the globe to successfully tackle their greatest challenges.

We offer tools and expertise to support clients in

  • Identification and prioritizing opportunities,
  • Formulating and implementing strategies at corporate level, business unit level and for market entry.

Our consulting services include:

  • Strategy Assessment
  • Performance Improvement
  • Private Equity
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Sustainability
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Information Technology

Qualitative Research:

Qualitative research yields an in-depth understanding about an issue. Typically focusing on a small number of people, these interviews tend to be longer and often unstructured since the interviews are in-depth. An outline of discussion points, rather than a questionnaire, is often used.

Our qualitative research methodology includes:

  • Focus Groups
  • Central location testing
  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic Observation

Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research is used to statistically estimate the viewpoints of a population providing estimates of percentages or averages. This research usually employs larger samples and takes less of the respondent’s time.

Our quantitative research methodology includes:

  • Online & Web-Based
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Virtual Focus Groups
  • Product Placements
  • Telephone Research

We provide 100% customized global market research solutions to our customers. Our capabilities enable us to segment the market along the dimensions desired by our customers and conduct in depth research and analysis to identify growth opportunities for our customers. We believe that market research study is not a one-time need of the marketing function of any firm and it needs to conduct periodical research of the market in which the firm has its interests.

To cater to this need of the marketing function of our customers we offer highly cost effective customized research packages that cater to the evolving and dynamic research needs of our customers. On-demand inquiry and interaction with our analysts during the entire period of the customized research package availed by our customer is the most significant value added feature of our custom research services.

Our exhaustive research solutions cater to every business segment, irrespective of the size of the organization. From ad-hoc research requests relating to niche information to simple data collation through secondary and primary research, we provide our services via flexible engagement models. Whether you require information for opportunity assessment, pricing guidance, market entry decisions, or other time-critical business decisions, we can deliver real-time market research within your timeframe and budget.